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Thursday 9 September 2021

Morning Coffee and Registration

Live Stream Session
Official Welcome and Opening, Jamie Parry, State President LG Professionals WA
Welcome to CountryNick Abraham
Opening AddressHon John Carey MLA, Minister for Housing; Local Government (invited)

Live Stream Session     
Opening Keynote Address: Marie-Anne Keeffe, Former General Manager Channel 7's Telethon, award winning TV and radio producer, media executive, charity leader.
What's your why? Finding your professional purpose.
A career is very different to a calling and for so many our jobs are far removed from our true passion and purpose. The challenge - discovering our "why" - what we're really here to do.
Even though Marie-Anne has spent decades doing the job of her dreams, something was still missing. In this powerful and emotive audio-visual experience, Marie-Anne will share how she went from being a baby left in an orphanage to heading up the world's best children's charity, raising tens of millions of dollars for sick kids. She reveals how through the search for her own identity, she discovered her true professional purpose. And show how you can meaning to every day, whilst making money and changing your community for the better at the same time.

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A safer, sustainable and better-connected WA Sharon Rowse, General Manager Community Impact, RAC
The places we live and the ways we connect are evolving, and how we move around is set to transform completely. Autonomous vehicles and the electrification of transportation are not science fiction, they are the realities around the corner we must prepare for. Equally important are fundamental issues such as safety, affordability and sustainability. Right now we have the opportunity to not only reimagine how our cities and transport systems are designed, but to save thousands of Western Australians from suffering the devastating realities of road trauma.

Danjoo Koorliny Co-Design Process: Walking Together towards 2029 and Beyond
The Danjoo Koorliny team (Carol Innes, Ezra Jacobs-Smith and Katie Stubley and others) will host an interactive session that will introduce and practice co-design methods. We believe in bringing the best of Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing with the best of Western and global practices in systems change and co-design. 2029 will mark 200 years of colonisation in Western Australia. All Local Governments will need to consider how they walk together towards 2029 and beyond to ensure meaningful community engagement and healing. In this session we will explore co-design methods and also apply these to this meaningful topic of walking together towards 2029 and beyond. We look forward to beginning this co-design journey with you.

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Concurrent Sessions

Social Innovation - MyLocalMind Inc - A Framework for an Efficacious and Cost-Effective Grass Roots Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative
Dr Kaine Grigg MAPS Founder MyLocalMind Inc.
This presentation will discuss the conceptualisation, development, and evolution of MyLocalMind Inc. to date and the system-wide goals for the future. Results from projects undertaken in local communities will be outlined. A framework will be provided for a novel grass-roots community mental health and wellbeing initiative that has been demonstrated to be beneficial to community members and economically cost-effective. This framework has the potential to be replicated throughout Western Australia and nationally, leading to improvements in the mental health and wellbeing of the entire Australian community.

Partnerships - The Power of Local Partnerships

Jane Chilcott and Mihaela Nicolescu
Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centres (Centres) across WA are place based, community led organisations that contribute significantly to the wellbeing of communities. More than 18,500 Western Australians use Centres in an average week, and over 2,000 West Australians contribute more than 2,500 volunteer hours. This workshop explores the spectrum of Centre relationships with their Local Government Authorities. The risks of low-quality relationships are identified, as well as some of the huge successes that come with high-quality relationships.

Outcome Measurement - Balancing rigour and burden in community research
Dr Rosemary Cahill
The Early Years Initiative (EYI) is a ten-year partnership of government and philanthropy seeking to improve the lives of little children in four WA partner communities. It is complex with many 'moving parts', so the independent, multi-faceted EYI evaluation being conducted by Telethon Kids Institute is equally complex. As we undertake the evaluation, our research team recognises the need to not over-burden families and services as we and local co-researcers go about collecting and analysing repeated waves of qualitative and quantitative data at child, family and community levels. This session will outline the interrelated suite of data collection methods and efforts being made to ensure they are not perceived as arduous for each community. This includes strategies used to facilitate a sense of ownership, motivation for community participation and innovative dissemination of findings.

Concurrent Sessions

Social Innovation - Astrotourism Towns: Using WA's pristine dark night sky to generate a new future for regional tourism
Carol Redford, CEO, Astrotourism WA Pty Ltd
The Astrotourism Towns Project is creating a stargazing trail through WAs regional communities with the aim to increase overnight visitation, grow jobs, businesses and the local tourism economy. At the same time an Aboriginal Astronomy Trail is developing new cultural experiences and enterprises through STEM engagement, art workshops, tour guide training and campfire stargazing/astronomy activities contributing to the growth of Aboriginal Astrotourism. The partnership between private and government sectors is facilitating the protection of the dark night sky from light pollution in order to protect the highly sought-after tourism asset for economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Partnerships - Resource Showcase - Hand to Heart: A Seniors Social Connection Program for your Local Government Area

Antonella Segre and Amanda Muir
Hand to Heart: A Seniors Social Connection Program is an electronic resource launched in November 2020 that provides a step-by-step guide to setting up the Hand to Heart program in any Local Government Area (LGA) Australia-wide. Hand to Heart is an innovative social connections program that empowers seniors to improve their quality of life by creating meaningful long-term relationships with other members of the community and finding a sense of purpose and belonging. It thrives in strong partnerships between LGAs, service providers, NGOs, and local community groups, who collaborate from the point of referral to the point of connection, working together to promote resilient and connected communities. This presentation will showcase the resource and provide insight into the benefits required to develop and sustain the program, and the steps to implementing Hand to Heart in your catchment area.

Outcome measurement - Accreditation of Homeless Services in the Public Realm
Danielle Rossetti, Community Project Officer, City of Perth
The City of Perth has been proactive in the Homeless Sector, ensuring visibility and advocacy with its role in ending homelessness in WA. In 2020, The City launched and Accreditation Process to assist the coordination of goodwill groups and align to the broader direction of the Homeless Sector. The success of the 12 month trial has seen a further extension approved until 2022.

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Concurrent Sessions

Social Innovation - Celebrating and supporting our LGBTQIA+ communities
Lauren Brophy, Community Projects Officer (Diversity and Inclusion), City of Perth
Following events of late 2020, the LGBTQIA+ community lost faith in the City of Perth as an equitable and inclusive organisation that supports and celebrates LGBTQIA+ people. Fast forward six months and the City has an engaged LGBTQIA+ Advisory Group and an ambitious three-year action plan ready for community feedback. By sharing this journey, the City of Perth hopes to inspire courage in other local governments to stand up for LGBTQIA+ friends, family, colleagues and community by recognising, respecting and celebrating their diversity.

Partnerships - The Hub 6163 a friendly community centre
Simone Sieber & Christine Duckham
This session will tell the story of the birth and growth of the Hub 6163; a local space where people feel welcome and community can grow and decide what matters to them. It's a community run community centre, offering a vast variety of workshops and events that celebrate community connectedness, as well as promotes social cohesion, inclusion and sustainability. Our story is about community taking action and building capacity by indentifying and connecting local assets, as well as collaborating with local government, which is vital and mutually beneficial. Join us to find out more about the journey, we welcome questions!

Outcome measurement - Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program Evaluation: Learnings and Challenges
Dr Krishna Karangiya, Rangoli Project Officer, Kaleidoscope Community Services, City of Stirling
Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program (KPM) is being delivered in Perth Metropolitan areas from 2018 to 2021. The program was funded by State and Federal governments and is delivered in partnership with the City of Stirling (lead agency), the City of Canning and Metropolitan Migrant Resources Centre (MMRC). The initiative has adapted the successful mentoring model of Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). This session explores the Evaluation Framework, which was developed by the LG Professionals WA Community Development Network in partnership with Centre for Social Impact UWA in 2021. The session will use KMP as a case-study to explore the framework and to evaluate the KMP outcomes and adopt any improvements for KMP evaluation framework.

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"Colours of the Rainbow" Gala Dinner and 2021 Community Development Awards Ceremony
Grand Ballroom, Crown Towers Perth
Dress Code: Colours of the Rainbow

Friday 10 September 2021

Morning Coffee and Registration

Opening Keynote Address
Karl O'Callaghan, Former WA Police Commissioner
During his time as Police Commissioner, Karl O'Callaghan was arguably the most well-known and most listened to public sector figure, gaining respect for his practical and common-sense approach. He is credited with being one of the only Police Commissioners in Australia to regularly work on the street with front line officers.
In this keynote presentation, Karl will share his vast range of experience as well as his own personal journey. You will also hear practical examples of how trust and ethics interplayed to create community impact by bringing policing operations into the 21st century under Karl's watch.

9:30am Live Stream Session
Values Reflection - The Guiding Lights to Purpose
Luke George
"Keep your values positive, as your values become your destiny." Mahatma Gandhi.
On a daily basis we are making decisions. Some we labour on, others are immediate. The difficuly decision challenges our values or the organisation's values. We wrestle with the consequences. Our stress increases. Being more aware of our values and the process of decision-making, we can enjoy more effective life and be the best version of ourselves more often. By changing your mindset through securing your values and purpose foundation, life can be viewed and lived by design rather than default. During the 60 minutes the participants will: reflect and refine their values; reflect and refine their purpose; learn a values-based decision-making strategy that reduces 'decision remorse'; and ponder their future career opportunities.

Morning Tea in the Corporate Partners Trade Area 

Concurrent Sessions

Social Innovation - Community Development KPIs through the Performing Arts
Ryan Taaffe, Executive Director, CircuitWest
Showcasing the impact of using the performing arts aligned with the Local Government Community Strategic Plan as a tool for achieving social impact and community development KPIs for both the community and the Local Government in the areas of livability, mental health and the health, inclusion and wellbeing of seniors. Three visual case studies will include commentary from the organisations, the local government, the cross-sector partners and the community, delegates will be able to hear the impact from the mouth of the people involved in the process.

Partnerships - Libraries Connect Lives

Michelle Brennand, Director Community Development, City of Fremantle and Michael Piu, CEO, St Patricks Community Support Centre
This presentation explores the value and success of a partnership approach to address mutual priorities around Covid and homelessness through the development of a targeted place-based program offering early intervention and support for people who are experiencing hardship. Critical success factors to this partnership have been the strength of the collaboration between the two partners, the robust governance and evaluation framework, as well as a willingness of all involved to innovate.

Outcome measurement - Ensuring the sustainability of an Aboriginal health promotion initiative

Dr Wendy Simpson and Darlene Robinson
This presentation describes the process of the project implementation and evaluation of an Aboriginal health promotion initiative Growing Strong Brains in Carnarvon. To foster a collaborative culture, to optimise a community-driven approach, and to ensure sustainability, feedback from service providers and community members contributed to a participatory action research and evaluation process for outcomes measurement. Outputs from the project included an e-newsletter for local service providers to communicate local stories of change, a video produced in the town with local children and families, and a Community Brief to share the findings of the evaluation with participants.

Concurrent Sessions

Social Innovation - Activating the Power of Community Potential: Befriend's journey towards community building
Nick Maisey
Shared perspectives in Befriend's unique development as an organisation that has evolved as an agent of community potential. This presentation will nest Befriends's innovative new approach with an analysis of a broader paradigm shift towards 'evolving community capacity' that has powerful implications for the community development sector as a whole.

Partnerships - Reaching the 'hard-to-reach': how to work effectively with people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Henrietta Podgorska
The various issues surrounding immigration, diversity and multiculturalism have dominated Western public policy discussions. Less attention has been paid to the often challenging and contentious issues surrounding social practice responses. Building strong and meaningful relationships with people from different cultures in building diverse communities that flourish in these uncertain times. This workshop aims to increase people's confidence and competence in developing and implementing strategies for engaging with diverse communities. It focuses on the various issues that arise when working with diverse groups and on developing good practice.

Outcome measurement - Community Development Evaluation Framework and Toolkit in Action!
Sarah Janali, Manager Community and Culture, City of Canning
Launched in February 2021, the Community Development Evaluation Framework and Toolkit is a tailored response to the needs of Community Development Officers. The resource is a step towards creating a more systemic approach to evaluation across the state-wide network of CDOs, enabling the development of a shared language and understanding about what is possible when evaluating community development work. Join us to hear how local governments have already adopted the principles of this resource, are empowering their decision-making processes, and are using outcomes measurement data to secure buy-in for future projects.

Lunch in the Corporate Partners Trade Area
Community Development Network Annual General Meeting

1:30pm Live Stream Session
Panel Session:" Let's get real about a crisis"
Panel Speakers:
Garry Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Northampton
Deb Wilkes, Executive Manager Community Development, Shire of Shark Bay
Heath Stenton, Local Recovery Coordinator, City of Swan

In Disaster Management, local government has the lead role for recovery, but is this the only role we play? In this engaging panel session you will hear firsthand experiences of what it's like to find yourself in the middle of a crisis - whether it's floods, fires or cyclones. What really does happen? And what role (s) does local government really play to keep our communities safe?

Closing Keynote Address - noXcuses
Brant Garvey

Brant Garvey's passion for the pursuit of excellence in life and sport is equalled only by his desire to educate and inspire others to do great things in their lives. He is dedicated to helping others to develop the tools they need to face their fears, overcome their obstacles and to chase big dreams. Brant translates the lessons he's learned in the pursuit of excellence to meaningful and valuable lessons for everyone. Born as an above knee amputee, Brant's unique life experiences, indomitable positivity and a "noXcuses" mindset have led him to outstanding achievements time and time again. Whether it's the multiple first place finishes at paratriathlon world championships around the world or it's when he was the first above knee amputee to complete an Ironman Triathlon in Australia, rant's stories motivate and create change. You will discover the secrets to remaining resilient no matter the situation you face.

Conference Recap and Closing Remarks
Jude Thomas, Chairperson CDN WA

Followed by Networking & Refreshments in Corporate Partners Trade Area