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8.00 am – Arrival Coffee and Registration

8.15 am – Opening and Welcome

Nathan Cain (MLGMA), LG Professionals WA Finance Professionals Network Chairperson
Anthony Vuleta (MLGMA), CEO Town of Victoria Park
Kelli Small (MLGP), Chair, LG Professionals WA Finance Professionals Network

President’s Address, LG Professionals WA

Annie Riordan (MLGP), CEO, Shire of Harvey

8.45 am  – Opening Keynote Address: Use the art of storytelling to expand your networking

Shil Shanghavi

Across professions, organisations, and businesses alike, relationships and networks underpin everything that we do. For many of us, networking can be a rollercoaster of emotions—emotions of anxiety, nerves, and a fear to be able to communicate, articulate and hold a conversation with the hopes of building strong relationships. Shil Shanghavi knows exactly what it’s like to experience these feelings. Despite working in business development roles over his entire career, Shil has always been a self-confessed ‘fearful networker’. Shil developed the concept of Storybook—where he uses the art of storytelling to build courage and establish rapport with any audience. Shil will guide you through practical ways to create your own individual Storybook.

9.45 am – Getting to know our Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners make this conference possible. We repay their generosity by learning more about them. Listen, ask questions, discuss and learn.

10.15 am– Morning Tea - Trade display area

10.45 am  – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)—delivering the Caring Dividend 

David Tomasi, Managing Partner, Moore Australia

It is easy to say we are on the ESG journey, but how are we navigating it? The road ahead for local government has many obstacles, and the first steps are to identify and acknowledge the path will not be easy, the sacrifices (especially economic) will be many. ESG is not just about regulation and compliance. In fact, true ESG is anything but and confirms the fact that it is not easy being green! Join David as he outlines the challenges, discusses frameworks to drive change, and explores real ways to make a difference, have a social impact and deliver the caring dividend!

11.15 am  – Engineers and Accountants—same language, just different dialects

Ryan Ferts, Coordinator Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management, City of Joondalup
Financial reporting is the window through which local governments are judged, but Engineers and Accountants see the world of infrastructure assets just a bit differently. We must work together to deliver the best outcomes in managing and reporting on those assets for our community. This session will show how we can better understand each other’s viewpoints and improve communication to achieve these outcomes for our organisation.

11.45 am  – Centralised Systems—where to from here?

Colin Cameron (MLGP), CEO, City of Subiaco
Paul Breman (FLGP), Special Advisor – Business Systems Improvement Project, City of Busselton

Your finance system is just one in a myriad of systems your organisation utilises for managing, recording and reporting your local government’s functions and activities. Some have many disparate systems that connect and integrate while there are Enterprise Resource Planners (ERPs) that seek to do everything. Are your systems functioning to their best but, more importantly, how would you know? In the end, many local governments decide it’s time to look at alternative solutions. Regardless of the size of your local government, the process you should follow will be the same. This session will take delegates through the decision-making processes you will need whether you are seeking to improve your current systems or looking to move to another system. You will hear from presenters who have been down this path and learn from their experience.

12.45 pm– Lunch - Trade display area

Finance Professionals Network Annual General Meeting (all welcome)

1.45 pm  – Concurrent sessions


Managing unconscious bias— building diverse and inclusive workplaces

Tanya Finnie
All people hold natural biases and make decisions accordingly. Learn how to break the habit of implementing unconscious bias in this session. Find ways to reduce bias and build trust.
Come and discover how managing your bias will improve diversity and inclusion in government. You’ll walk away with specific strategies to manage conversations and break
down barriers when you spot the bias in others and practice culturally intelligent ways to disrupt the bias and its impact on individual, teams and local government.


Preparing for and delivering sustainable organisational change
Dr Lynda Folan

The present economic, social, and business context is redefining what is expected of organisations and requires a new and fresh approach to managing organisational change and adaptation.
We live in truly exceptional times and face challenges that can't be overcome with the strategies we used in the past. We must find new and innovative answers on supporting organisation success in a VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. It is no longer acceptable for businesses to remain static; they must evolve. Organisations must challenge themselves to adapt and change to stay ahead of external challenges. This session will discuss the issues you face in supporting your team and your organisations to change and evolve in a highly volatile and ambiguous world.
We will also touch on the importance of building organisational agility in leading and managing your team to ensure you are developing the capacity to thrive in a constantly changing environment.

3.00 pm – Afternoon Tea - Trade Display Area

3.30 pm – Effectively leading an organisation through accountability and transparency

Michelle Andrews, Director General, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
Good governance, accountability and transparency frameworks are integral to community confidence in government institutions. Michelle shares some of her experiences, in particular the red flags and the critical steps required to get an organisation back on a path to becoming an effective organisations supporting communities to prosper.

4.15 pm – Life is full of twists and turns

Local government officers

We can all learn from shared experiences and develop strategies to implement in the local government environment when we understand the challenges faced by others. In this session, delegates will hear from a range of local government officers in a quick-fire round of presentations describing the twists and turns of their recent experiences.

5.00 pm – Refreshments and Networking— Trade Display Area

7.00 pm – Conference Dinner for delegates and partners.

Theme: St Patrick's Day

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