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Arrival Coffee and Registration

Opening and welcome
Alan Hart (MLGP), Chair, LG Professionals WA Finance Professionals Network
President's Address
Annie Riordan (MLGP), President, LG Professionals WA

Lost at Sea
Brett Archibald

Be inspired by Brett's incredible story of survival in the stormy Sumatra Straits. While on a surfing trip to Indonesia with a group of childhood friends, he fell overboard, unconscious, off a charter boat in the middle of a stormy night in the Indian Ocean.

Stung by a Portuguese Man of War jellyfish, bitten by small fish, attacked by seagulla, and hot by a shark, he survived the ordeal swimming alone for 28.5 hours in the Mentawai Straits.

Hear how Brett's determination and will to survive, along with some heroes from Perth, saved his life, and learn about the sheer and incredible power of your own brain, thinking and attitude in shaping your outcomes.

Getting to know our corporate partners 

Support from corporate partners makes this conference possible and provides us a panel of vested and relevant industry specialists.

Join this interactive session to hear their insights to factors and opportunities impacting the local government sector, ask your questions and discuss the issues with likeminded professionals.

Morning Tea – Trade Exhibition area

Alternative revenue streams
Chris Adams, CEO, Tamala Park Regional Council and Paul Martin (MLGP), CEO Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
While rates remain the backbone of local government revenue, there are opportunities for local governments to diversify revenue streams.

From ensuring rating tasks are managed to their best advantage, to adopting entrepreneurial approaches to developing additional own source revenue streams, this session will discuss ways to complement, or offset, rating efforts.

The session will also cover strategies to address growing concerns on cost shifting and exit strategies for local governments who have been left to maintain assets and services developed with State and Federal grants, helping you to avoid worsening operating deficit scenarios and to lessen the resulting burdens on your community.

Be challenged to think innovatively and strategically and be a leader who manages risk while exploring new and creative ways of solving financial challenges.

Accounting for infrastructure damaged by severe weather events - Queensland
Anthony Archie, LGFP
Significant weather events, including natural disasters, are increasingly common, and their impacts on local government infrastructure and assets is significant.

Learn about the need to consider infrastructure and asset damage when preparing annual financial statements and in adjusting valuations at tax time and discover the measures you can take to assess asset valuation implications of infrastructure or asset damage caused by significant events.

Hear from other local governments who have been impacted by natural disasters and learn how to navigate the accounting whirlwind of asset and infrastructure damage.

Lunch - Trade Exhibition area

CBA session: Carbon Footprint
Liam Pepper, Director Global Commodities and Trade Commonwealth Bank
Efficient and transparent carbon markets are a critical policy for confronting climate change. CBA clients have used Australian Carbon Credits Units (ACCUs) to supplement sustainable efforts and help achieve their net zero goals.

Liam will explain how carbon markets work and their contribution to addressing climate change and will outline the increasing demand for carbon credits and what lies ahead for the carbon markets.

Cyber-secure: LGA as small-scale critical infrastructure
Craig Valli
Global, national, and local level issues and threats have the potential to impact Western Australian local governments, their constituents, and the overall Commonwealth.

Drawing on his more than 30 years within the ICT industry, and his experience consulting to industry and government on cyber security and digital forensics matters, Professor Craig Valli will discuss the hardware, software, and wetware (people) best practices to produce more cyber resilient outcomes and maturity for local government in today's internet-connected economy, helping you understand and manage cyber security risks.

Afternoon Tea - Trade Exhibition area

Closing Keynote: Generational miscommunication. Let's laugh together at our differences!
Jordana Borensztajn
With four generations working under one corporate roof, it often feels like we're speaking completely different languages. Over the last 2.5 years workplaces have changed and we've collectively experienced more evolution than anyone thought possible. So how can we collaborate, connect and innovate at a high level when every generation has different values? From the unique position of a Millennial, Jordana breaks down the qualities and traits that differentiate Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y (Milennials), and Gen Z. In this entertaining, educational and highly interactive keynote presentation, Jordana shares action steps to help managers decode, motivate and engage their younger employees. Gaining a deeper understanding of all our generational differences and strengths helps us create dynamic and thriving relationships which will transform the way we communicate, connect and collaborate in this brand new work world.

Finance Professionals Network AGM

Refreshments and networking - Trade Exhibition Area

Themed conference dinner for delegates and corporate partners
Don your Hollywood best and walk the red carpet. Come dressed as your favourite actor or artist, experience Crown's stunning hospitality and enjoy the Fun in Fundamentals!

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