Annual Report

About LG Professionals WA

Local Government Professionals Australia WA (LG Professionals WA) is the peak representative body for local government officers in Western Australia.
Local Government Professionals Australia (formerly known as Local Government Managers Australia) was established in 1935 and is a National Federation with Member Associations in each State, representing over 5,000 members across Australia, and over 900 members in Western Australia.

Among our membership, we are privileged to count the overwhelming number of Chief Executive Officers of Western Australian local governments, as well as officers from all across the diverse range of professional disciplines.
LG Professionals WA provides a range of services for our members and local government professionals, including:

  • Support for local government officers;
  • Advocacy, representation and policy development;
  • Professional development and training; and
  • Conferences, forums and networking events.

Our purpose is to enable our members to realise their local government career and leadership aspirations and to ensure that their voice is critical in shaping our sector.
We are committed to continuing improvement in local government leadership, governance, management and service delivery for local communities, and ensuring that our members are at the forefront of change and innovation.

Our Annual Reports are presented here.

Annual Reports

LG Professionals WA Annual Report 2017–18 .  Download a pdf of the document.

LG Professionals WA Annual Report 2016–17.  Download a pdf of the document.

LGMA Annual Report 2015–16.  Download a pdf of the document.

LGMA Annual Report 2014–15.  Download a pdf of the document.

LGMA Annual Report 2013–14.  Download a pdf of the document.