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Do you want to reach the people who spend over $1.5 billion every year?

Statewide is the official magazine of Local Government Professionals Australia WA. Between them, LG Professionals WA Members control expenditure budgets totalling more than $1.5 billion a year!

They are the decision-makers—CEOs, Purchasing Officers, Senior Managers, Administration Managers, Senior Professionals—who, as well as controlling huge budgets, also have a high personal disposable income. Advertising in Statewide gives you the potential to reach 16,000 FTE Local Government employees across 139 local governments and 10 regional governments in Western Australia.

If your business is already involved in selling to Local Government, or you want to directly target that market, then Statewide is one of the most cost-effective mediums available today. If you’re targeting people with high disposable incomes, once again this magazine will take your product or service and deliver it right to their desk!

Each issue of Statewide is personally addressed to every LG Professionals WA Member. There’s no question of it going astray in reception or not reaching them directly. And with 97% readership, you can be sure your advertisement will be noticed.
Statewide is a high quality, professionally designed and produced A4 publication printed in full colour throughout on glossy stock. Advertising space is strictly limited in each issue. Discounts available for longer term agreements.

Professional assistance with design and preparation of your advert is also available.


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