Model CEO Contract Available

Following extensive negotiation with WALGA, a revised and updated model CEO contract is now available for use in the sector.

The model us built on the understanding that both parties - employer and employee - should be encouraged to discuss and negotiate mutually agreeable outcomes, rather than present ultimatums.

General Guidance Notes are included within the text of the model contracts, and specific guidance for CEOs is included in a separate Guidance Notes document.

There are four versions of the model contract to cover the complex circumstances of the Western Australian local government industrial relations situations:
  • New CEO appointment under the State system.
  • Renewal of CEO appointment under the State system.
  • New CEO appointment under the Federal system.
  • Renewal of CEO appointment under the Federal system.
Most appointments and renewals will be covered under the State versions of the contract however Federal jurisdictions, such as Cocos Keeling Islands and Christmas Island, will require the Federal versions. 

CEOs and their Councils are encouraged to seek their own independent legal advice in relation to the contractual arrangements that they ultimately enter into, and LGPWA members are encouraged to access the legal assistance available through our office. For any enquiries, please email [email protected].