Age Friendly Communities Priorities Report launched

Western Australia is considered a national leader in age-friendly planning, particularly at the local government level.

The Western Australian State Government through the Department of Communities has, for over 15 years, advocated for the use of the World Health Organisation's Age-friendly Communities approach to the local government sector.

There are currently 23 Western Australian local governments with an Age-friendly Communities Plan which were developed drawing from data gathered through rigorous community engagement methodology.

Since 2011, over 80 local governments have been successful in receiving grants through the State Government's Age-friendly Communities Grants Program, undertaking engagement with older residents, their careers and service providers to understand the key issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by this group. Local governments develop appropriate strategies and action plans to address these. Funding has also been provided to support a range of projects that respond to these actions implemented by local government.

The Age Friendly Communities Priorities Report, initiated by the LG Professionals WA Age Friendly Communities Network, with support from the Department of Communities, seeks to understand the age-friendly priorities for metropolitan and regional areas. The Department has gathered the contributing data from current local government Age-friendly Community Plans across the state.

The LG Professionals WA Age Friendly Communities Network remains committed to working collaboratively and in partnership with the State Government to ensure a coordinated approach to the needs, challenges and opportunities of our older community.
Download the Age Friendly Communities Priorities Report PDF by clicking on the image below.