CCTV for Local Government

CCTV for Critical Infrastructure and Local Government

Everything you need to know.

Closed-circuit television forms a major part of Local Government infrastructure, providing not only benefits for workplace health/safety but security, surveillance of public areas, and acting as a deterrent for antisocial behaviour.

Local Government relies on internal staff or external consultants to design and deliver systems that meet its requirements. Unfortunately, frequently the people who are charged with designing and implementing the systems struggle to identify what the actual outcome is, and fail to take in to account interrelationships with services such as lighting, networks and communication. As a direct result Councils are left with systems that don’t perform or meet the requirements.

This workshop not only covers CCTV fundamentals but builds to include outcomes-based CCTV design. While not meant to replace a consultant, it provides a comprehensive resource for stakeholders (usually Security Managers, IT Managers, Community and Ranger services, and staff) which not only assists them to understand what they want, but how to achieve the outcome required. The program also provides checklists to assist with engaging suitable consultants.

During this 2 day workshop you will learn:

  • How to define your organisation’s CCTV image and security outcomes (templates provided).
  • How to ensure systems that have been procured and installed meet the CCTV/Security outcomes which have been defined before sign-off.
  • How to develop a holistic approach to your organisational CCTV and security requirements.
  • How to avoid costly variations associated with poor system design through lack of detail on specifications.
  • We also include questioning techniques to assist in determining if consultants are suitably knowledgeable and qualified in this specialist area.
  • Understanding the limitations of Australian Standards.

Added value!

In addition to the topics covered in the workshop, participants will receive a comprehensive reference manual.

Plus, to compensate for the speed at which technology changes, Redfish will also provide free updates and technology alerts via email for a 12 month period following the course.


Where, when and how much?

20–21 September 2018


Trinity College, 230 Hampden Road, Crawley

Cost (incl GST)

LG Professionals WA Member: $675
Corporate Council Members: $765 
Non-Members: $850

Registrations close Friday 14 September 2018


Workshop Flyer as a pdf:

 Flyer and Application Form .  Download the flyer and application form.