Managing and Building your Resilience - Webinar series

LG Professionals WA is continually striving to support you through these currently challenging and uncertain times. Now more than ever our resilience levels need to be reviewed, renewed and re-energised and we encourage you to NOT MISS OUT on this valuable series of webinars.

We have not yet fully understood the impact of the unprecedented world issues that have developed as a result of Coronavirus. Nor have we fully realised the breadth and depth of global repercussions of responses to the pandemic. What is guaranteed is that there will be a dramatic impact on our levels of resilience and our overall well-being if we don't manage them effectively. We have already seen the effects of fear-based reactions to the pandemic with panic buying. And if we do nothing to support resilience levels, we will continue to experience these types of responses from people in the wake of the ongoing uncertainty. With this as the backdrop, it is essential we invest in managing and supporting our resilience and well-being.

For years we have known that some individuals are more resilient than others, and research tells us that those with high levels of resilience are far better at coping with challenges and adversity. The good news is that this can be you. You can choose to build and maintain a high level of resilience and bolster your psychological and emotional well-being. This can be achieved no matter how stressful or impossible the context appears to be. This is not to say it can be done without effort or that there is a quick fix. However, if you put the effort in you can have a high level of resilience, maintain your well-being and bounce back from adversity. The choice is yours to make.

Webinar series: Managing and building your resilience (Understanding how to flourish and bounce back in the context of a global pandemic)


Webinar 1 - Understanding resilience and it's impact

(Friday 3 April commencing at 10.00am)

The first webinar will focus on ensuring that we understand what resilience really is rather than the colloquial version that we generally refer to. Topics we will focus on include:

  • What is resilience
  • A research-based model of resilience and the determinants of resilience
  • How resilient am I at this moment in time?
  • What aspects should I focus on in developing my resilience?
  • What is the starting point of building my resilience?

Webinar 2- Developing an internal locus of control

(Wednesday 8 3 April commencing at 10.00am)

The second webinar will focus on the first determinants of resilience - Locus of control. Topics we will focus on include:

  • What is an internal locus of control
  • Do I internalise or externalise my control?
  • How do I ensure I maintain an internal locus of control to enhance my resilience?

Webinar 3 - The role of emotional and self management in building resilience
(Friday 17 April commencing at 10.00am)

The third webinar will focus on the second determinant of resilience - Self-concept Well-being. Topics we will focus on include:

  • What is Self-concept Well-being?
  • Emotional intelligence and my ability to enhance my resilience
  • How do I build my Emotional intelligence to enhance my resilience?

Webinar 4 - The brain functioning and resilience
(Thursday 23 April commencing at 10.00am)

The final webinar will focus on the third determinant of resilience - Constructive Thinking. Topics we will focus on include:

  • Your brain and your thinking
  • What is constructive thinking?
  • My self-talk and internal chatter
  • How do I ensure my thinking is constructive to enhance my resilience?
In conjunction with Dr Lynda Folan, we have developed a series of webinars which will provide you with the tools to manage and build your resilience no matter what the context. These sessions are focused on providing you with practical strategies to manage your resilience. They are also based on the very recent Resilience and Leadership research published by Lynda in 2019.


Webinar 1 - Friday 3 April

Webinar 2 - Wed 8 April

Webinar 3 - Friday 17 April

Webinar 4 - Thurs 23 April

LG Professionals WA encourages you to attend all sessions in the series however you may attend individual webinars if you wish


Members: FREE
Non-Members: Full Series $50 on individual webinar $15 each


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Dr Lynda Folan, Managing Director, Inspired Development Solutions Pty Ltd (Doctor of Organisational Psychology)
Lynda is one of Western Australia's Leading Experts in Organisational Psychology and Organisational Development. Lynda is leading the way with her developmental strategies and research in the area of Leadership and Resilience. Her Doctoral thesis "Defining a Research Model of Leader Resilience and Evaluating the Dispositional Effect of Resilience on Transformational Leadership" (Folan 2019), is paving the way for a transformation in the way we develop leaders and build resilience in organisations. Click here to view Lynda's full bio.