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Online shopping will decimate local businesses and rates revenue - The solution for local government.

LG Professionals WA in collaboration with D John Carlson, Marketing Consultant and avid blogger present a FREE online webinar - "Online shopping will decimate local businesses and rates revenue - the solution for local government."

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 By 2025, 50% of all retailing on Australia will be online. Between 30 and 40% of bricks and mortar retailers will cease to exist, having a devastating effect on communities and local government revenues. In addition to causing problems, these changes will also create opportunities in logistics and curiously enough in a new form of retailing that a few might be smart enough to capitalise on.

Amazon threatens all bricks and mortar retailing in Australia, but they are only the third biggest online retailer in the world and soon the two larger retailers are coming, and how!

Local governments will be affected by these changes but at the same time if sufficiently well informed, can capitalise on these opportunities. But how??

In this free webinar, D John Carlson will take you through what you can expect from the online retail industry in the coming years.

Join us today for this exclusive FREE webinar that will get you ready
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Thursday 24 May 2018


11:00am - 12:00pm





A prolific writer, D John Carlson publishes regularly. Sometimes controversial, often confronting and always topical, he questions conventional wisdom, debunks marketing myths and offers fresh insights into all aspects of marketing, communication and human behaviour.