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Reverse declining community and decrease communication costs- The solution for local government.

LG Professionals WA in collaboration with D John Carlson, Marketing Consultant and avid blogger present a FREE online webinar - "Reverse declining community and decrease communication costs- the solution for local government."

Local governments understand all too well, the decline of community, or at least in the sense of community, and the problems this is causing. It is now well recognised that infrastructure alone is not enough to create a sense of community. Fortunately, several strategic options are emerging that will enable local governments to rebuild community, leveraging online technologies.

This webinar will address online solutions that use inexpensive technology to create an online presence that will facilitate the development of offline communities while facilitating more effective and cost-efficient communication for local governments, community groups and individuals. The solution discussed will build community and drive costs down simultaneously.

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Thursday 16 August 2018


11:00am - 12:00pm





A prolific writer, D John Carlson publishes regularly. Sometimes controversial, often confronting and always topical, he questions conventional wisdom, debunks marketing myths and offers fresh insights into all aspects of marketing, communication and human behaviour.