Community Engagement Webinar with John Carlson

LG Professionals WA in collaboration with D John Carlson, Marketing Consultant and avid blogger present this FREE online webinar.

21st Century strategies for boosting community engagement and development in local government
11.00am Thursday 26 August 2021

With some 30% of Australians living alone, community development is more critical than ever. For local governments, community engagement and development are more complicated than ever. The strategies that have worked today - are no longer cost-effective, and new strategies are required. This 45-minute webinar looks at new innovative, offline and online strategies that local governments can cost-effectively implement to bring communities together, ensure engagement with local governments and facilitate significant interaction between people within the community.

This session is for staff and elected members concerned about community development.

Immediately following the webinar will be a 15 minute, online, question and answer forum to enable participants to ask questions about community engagement and development.


11:00am - 12:00pm


Online - at your desk!!



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A prolific writer, D John Carlson publishes regularly. Sometimes controversial, often confronting and always topical, he questions conventional wisdom, debunks marketing myths and offers fresh insights into all aspects of marketing, communication and human behaviour.