Webinar - realising the economic potential of community engagement and participation

Local Governments are lowering costs and increasing income through engagement

LG Professionals WA in collaboration with D John Carlson, Marketing Consultant and avid blogger present a FREE online webinar - "Realising the economic potential of community engagement and participation."
That community is in decline is evidenced by the facts that 30% of Australians now live alone, fewer and fewer people are members of clubs and/or attending events, only 15% attend a Church (or similar) event once a month or more, less than 5% of workers are a member of a Union, family members are working longer and longer hours and the growing obsession with social media.

While the obsession with social media is seen by some as a solution to the decline in community, psychologists like Hugh McKay have clearly demonstrated it is not. Social media will never replace community - offline community - as it lacks genuine connection. Despite this 16 million Australians are spending an average of 16 hours per week in Facebook alone.

The social cost of this decline in community is well documented. It leads to social isolation, loneliness and anxiety. The economic cost of this decline in community is less well documented. The decline in community contributes to higher levels of petty - and not so petty - crime, greater demands on social services, lower participation rates and lower donation or contributions.

Many, including Hugh McKay would argue that this is the biggest issue facing our society.

This webinar will look at simple and inexpensive strategies for:
  • Maximising community engagement
  • Maximising community participation
  • Maximising the economic benefits of community
OUTCOMES - recommended action for local governments

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Thursday 31 October 2019


11:00am - 12:00pm


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