Workplace Happiness Program

Through our partnership with Happiness Aid as a bronze sponsor we are excited to offer all members access to the Workplace Happiness Program!

With positive and uplifting content the 20-day Workplace Happiness Program has the overall objective to empower employees to be in charge of their happiness and wellbeing. There is no better time to work on the tools, techniques and knowledge for increasing happiness and improving mental wellbeing, however, each individual has the freedom to choose when to start the 20-day program.

All employees of Local Government Subscribers are also eligible to sign up for the program, to check if your local government is a subscriber click here .

Use the 'sign up to the program' button on the right to find out more about the FREE program, and complete the sign up/opt in form to gain access to the incredible program!

Happiness Aid

Happiness Co have been actively building a live online platform and community to support people of all ages, genders and abilities - 'Happiness Aid.'
Unhappiness is increasing day by day. Happiness Aid is providing a light by promoting online connection, kindness and contribution to the world ultimately making the world a happier place by inspiring the people in it.

Happiness Aid will be full of insights from some of the best coaches, trainers, entertainers and advisors; supported by a community of individuals from various fields, contributing their time. Over 4000 people have registered including:

  • 75 coaches, professionals and advisors ready to share their knowledge across a range of topics from health to finance.
  • 200 volunteers from a range of backgrounds and experience registered contributing their time as an Aid Crew Member.