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Local Government Professionals Australia WA is the peak representative body and leading voice for local government professionals in Western Australia.

We are committed to helping local government professionals reach their potential and advance their careers. With over 800 Members, LG Professionals WA is a community of professionals working to shape the local government sector.

We ensure that your professional interests are represented by a respected and independent voice.
LG Professionals WA provides a range of services to support our members, including: 

Advocacy, Representation and Policy Development;
Professional Development, Conferences and Events.
Member and Peer Support
Regular Information and News Updates
Awards & Recognition

LG Professionals WA has played an important part in my local government career. It helped connect me with leaders in the sector and supported my professional development and learning. I’m still a Member and highly recommend LGMA to help you advance your career” Garry Hunt FLGPA, CEO, City of Joondalup. 

LG Professionals WA is not-for-profit association our membership fees and revenue are re-invested in programs and services to support our members and the local government sector.

About LG Professionals WA

LG Professionals WA provides quality professional development for people working in local government to support them in their work, to progress their careers and to help them develop strong professional networks.

We are committed to continuing improvement in local government leadership, governance, management and service delivery for local communities, and ensuring that our members are at the forefront of change and innovation.  

It’s our job to help you succeed in your career.

Who should join?

If you work in Local Government in Western Australia and are interested in helping to shape the sector, furthering your career, growing your professional networks and being recognised for you contribution to the sector, LG Professionals WA can help you achieve this. 

Anyone working in local government, or working closely with local government is eligible and welcome to join.

Why Join? 

LG Professionals WA Membership gives our members a voice on issues that matter to them and an opportunity to be part of the solution.
LG Professionals WA Members can participate in professional development activities at significantly discounted rates, acquire specialist advice and resources and access a professional community that will support them throughout their career in Local Government.  
Being an active part of your professional association will help you advance your career. 

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Membership Application.  Download the interactive pdf application form.

Membership brochure

Membership Brochure

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Membership Application  

Joining LG Professionals WA, and taking on a leadership role in an LG Professionals WA Branch or Network, can really make you stand out from the crowd. It will help you increase your professional profile across the sector, and can really position you for some fantastic future opportunities in local government” Lyn Russell PSM FLGPA, CEO City of Canning.