Membership Benefits

Local Government Professionals Australia WA Individual Membership provides:

Advocacy, Representation and Policy Development

A respected and influential voice taking up the cause of the people who work in local government.
  • Strong representation for Members 
  • Advocating for legislative & regulatory change, on issues important to members.
  • Clear advice on legislation and policy issues for members
  • Opportunity to provide input into representative submissions on all legislation, regulation and policies affecting Members and the sector. 
  • Entitled to vote in LG Professionals WA elections and at the LG Professionals WA Annual General Meeting
  • Eligibility to nominate for position and serve on LG Professionals WA Board (Full Members only).

Professional Development, Conferences and Events

  • Access and significant member discount to all Local Government Professionals Australia WA events and activities, such as professional development and training, conferences and networking events (e.g $250 discount to attend our Annual State Conference) 
  • Eligible to apply for the LO-GO Appointments overseas scholarships t
  • Receive invitations to all Local Government Professionals Australia WA events.

Professional Networking

  • Access to a broad professional network through LG Professionals WA Branches and Networks, Activities and Events (Free to Members or at a substantially discounted rate)
  • Invitation and opportunity to attend a wide range of LG Professionals WA events and activities, including special networking events. 
  • Eligible to nominate and become members of the Branch and Network Executive Committees with your colleagues from across the sector.

Member and Peer Support

  • Access to career advice and support 
  • Eligibility to participate in LG Professionals WA’s Local Government Mentoring Program 
  • Entitled to legal and employment / industrial law service (Full Members only) 
  • Access to Personal, Professional Support & Counselling Service (Full Members only)
  • Receive Statewide Magazine (our exclusive Members only publication) and all regular member communications, including newsletters and information circulars.

Awards and Recognition

  • Promotion of LG Professionals WA members through print and digital publications to raise their profile in the sector. 
  • Increase your professional visibility through involvement with our Branches and Networks
  • Acknowledgement of Members on the LG Professionals WA website and at events and programs
  • Eligibility to nominate for a wide range of LG Professionals WA Individual Awards, presented at our Annual State Conference Dinner and other Major events
  • Member is entitled to use the initials MLGPA (Full Members only) and FLGPA (Fellows Only) after their name.

LG Professionals WA Branches and Networks

Get involved with our Branches and Networks
LG Professionals WA Branches and Networks offer Members the opportunity to meet regularly with their colleagues in their regions and their professional streams. They foster networking and build professional relationships, offer shared learning and collaborative opportunities, as well as keep Members informed of the latest news and information happening in the sector.

Getting involved with a Branch and/or Network will help you increase your profile and widen your professional opportunities in the sector.


  • Metropolitan Branch
  • Avon Branch
  • Central Wheatbelt Branch
  • Coastal Midlands Midlands
  • Goldfields Branch
  • Great Southern Branch
  • Midwest Branch
  • North West Branch
  • South West Branch
  • Wheatbelt South Branch

Becoming a member of LG Professionals WA was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my career.  By getting involved with my local Branch, I got to know and work with so many people in local governments all across the region, who supported and encouraged me to take the next step in my career.” - Tanya Browning FLGPA Deputy CEO Shire of Leonora and LG Professionals WA Board Member 


  • Governance Network
  • Integrated Planners Network
  • Finance Professionals Network
  • Community Development Network
  • Age Friendly Communities Network
  • Human Resources and Workforce Development Network
  • Young Professionals Network

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Getting involved in a LG Professionals WA Network was fantastic for building my professional connections. It instantly put me in touch with a whole network of people all working with the same issues and challenges. If I needed help, there was always someone to ask and willing to assist.” Mark Ridgwell MLGPA, Manager Governance – City of Perth, Governance Network