Supporting women in Local Government

We are excited to announce that with funding made available by the Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office for Women, Local Government Professionals Australia is supporting women in local government through the COVID-19 pandemic by working to strengthen resilience with the development of a tailored, informative and supportive project and scholarship opportunities.
Local Government Scholarships

Women working in local government are eligible for career-enhancing scholarships thanks to Australian Government funding through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet's Office for Women.

To dampen the longer-term economic impacts of COVID-19 on women in local government, LG Professionals Australia is offering opportunities for upskilling.

Three (3) scholarships are available in WA and will be used:
  • To become a member of LG Professionals WA (if not already a member)
  • The balance can be used to:
    • enrol on the Lift Off Mentoring Program (Commencing March 2021)
    • attend any other training program or forum (by end of June 2021)

Future-proof your career and mitigate the impact of the pandemic on your economic security. Apply for a scholarship opportunity now!

Join the online community

Join your local government colleagues in professional and peer-to-peer support for women facing the challenges of COVID-19.

Online peer support, online forums dedicated to tackling the disadvantages of working through COVID-19 and maintaining economic security in the long term, a series of exclusive webinars, and a shared pool of resources are available to women working in local government providing practical tools to improve the economic security of women working in local government.

This is your chance to share your experience and support other women in local government during the pandemic while receiving support yourself.

Join the LG Women COVID Support Project to gain access to shared resources on best practice that you can take into your professional life at your local government.