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Smart Cities Readiness Masterclass

Why you need to attend…

The digital economy is changing the way we work and live, and as community leaders we need to be cognisant of the fact that with digital transformation set to play a key role in government services and operational delivery in the future. Local governments need to reassess their business models and shift towards a more mobile and agile way of business.
Smart cities are a reflection of a local government that works better and it is therefore critical that local governments (no matter their size) have a base level of knowledge around the topic, given that businesses and citizens are engaging quickly.

About this Smart Cities Masterclass

This Masterclass is designed upon the principles of the Smart Cities Council’s Smart Cities Readiness Guide ( and is intended to help participants gain a full understanding of what makes up a smart city; how its different components work together synergistically; the benefits it delivers to governments and citizens; and the conceptual framework that creates a holistic vision that spans all core stakeholder functions and responsibilities.
The Masterclass is designed for local government professionals, but the content is highly relevant when engaging business and citizens. The concept of co-creating a smart cities strategy at a later date with key stakeholders should be a goal for participants.

Our Facilitator, Adam Beck

Adam Beck is Founding Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand. He has spent more than 20 years influencing infrastructure and urban regeneration projects across the world. In this time, he has worked for global consulting firms, as well as transformational non-profit organisations.
For the past seven years, he has supported the building of movements and marketplaces for sustainable cities. Most recently, as Director of Innovation at EcoDistricts, a Portland‑based non-profit think tank, Adam was central to the design of new model of sustainable urban regeneration that was built using a collective impact framework. From 2009, as Executive Director of the Green Building Council of Australia, Adam’s work was focused on designing tools and assessment systems for accelerating and benchmarking sustainable city projects and infrastructure development.

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When and Where


Friday 22 September 2017


8.15 am (for a 8.30 am start) to 1.00 pm—light lunch served


City of Perth, Level 11—Reception Suite, 27 St George’s Terrace, Perth
Parking is available at various sites throughout the City
please see this website.
Parking is available either in the bays to the front (right) of the Administration Building or in the overflow car park 
(see map). Please do not park in allocated staff parking.


Registration for attendance at this forum by Local Government Professionals members (including Council Corporate members) is $85. Registrations are restricted to two representatives per local government.
Registration for non-members of Local Government Professionals is $100.

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LG Professionals WA expresses its appreciation to the City of Perth for kindly hosting this event.