Resilience Toolkit Training Module - a unique, tailored development program aimed at building individual resilience.

An independently developed initiative
Developed by researchers at the University of Western Australia's Centre for the Advancement of Research on Emotion this initiative was designed to help LG Professionals WA Members become more resilient and was formed in response to the CEO Health and Well-being research report that was published in 2019. The Resilience Toolkit Training module is an active program that is available for Members to complete at their convenience.

Developing your resilience toolbox
Resilience is defined as the ability to 'bounce back' from adversity and to keep functioning in the face of stressors. A high level of individual resilience can greatly assist a person to cope better with daily stressors. Fortunately, resilience can be developed and can be viewed as a toolbox full of tools that help people navigate difficult or stressful situations.

Resilience tools relate to all areas of life
The Resilience Toolkit Training Module provides information about the tools that research has shown help people become more resilient. These tools relate to improving physical capabilities, increasing psychological strength and achieving a work-life balance.

Assess your use of the different resilience tools
Over the course of an hour (approx) the module will enable you to reflect on whether or not you use these tools efficiently through interactive activities. Once you have completed the module you will be provided with your own personalised resilience toolkit.

Any information entered into the training module is for your benefit only and will remain anonymous and confidential.

A comprehensive training module for all local government professionals
The Resilience Toolkit Training Module has been designed with relevancy for all local government professionals across the sector and will be or particular benefit to individuals experiencing heightened stress levels and/or those who have identified resilience building as a key personal development area.

Members can access the training module here