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LG Professionals WA Announce exciting partnership with Central Institute of Technology

As part of the changes to TAFE in Western Australia, Central Institute of Technology is now part of North Metropolitan TAFE. There will be no affect on the training programs offered under the MoU with LG Professionals WA. The Metropolitan TAFE also includes all West Coast Institute Campuses and from January 2017 the Balga, Brigadoon and Midland Campuses of Polytechnic West.  Students will now have access to a wider range of training courses, expertise and facilities across the north metropolitan region.

On 30 June 2015, LG Professionals WA State President, Mark Chester and Central Institute of Technology's Managing Director, Neil Fernandes signed a Memorandum of Understanding.


This MOU cements the strong and ongoing relationship between our two organisations. For LG Professionals WA this means the offer of a 10% discount for all employees and elected members of local governments which are LG Professionals WA Corporate Council Members.

It is also an important recognition that Central has become a key partner and training provider to the local government sector, and that Central is committed to helping local government build its skill profile, and to develop new training initiatives that meet the needs of local government officers.

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