Careers in Local Government

A fantastic opportunity to work for your Community

Local Governments provide an important public service

Local government service is meaningful and rewarding because our work is related to building and improving our communities. 

Engineers and public works staff build and re-build the physical infrastructure.  City and town planners help envision and shape future development and growth.  Recreation, arts & culture and library professionals enhance community life. 
And local government managers and executives take the aspirations of residents and the policy goals of the elected Councils and puts those aspirations and goals into action.

Public service at the local level is also fulfilling because employees see the fruits of their work.  On a daily basis, local government employees see street and other infrastructure improvements, new buildings coming out of the ground, safety improvements, and happier and more fulfilled children, families and senior citizens.

Public service at the local level is also challenging work.  Every day presents new challenges, new problems, and exciting opportunities for progress and achievement.

There are a wide range of great career opportunities

​Local government service offers salaries that are now competitive with the private sector and benefits that are often better.  Public agencies need employees with all kinds of talents, skills and occupational interests.  Local Government has an extremely diverse workforce, and a very wide range of professions and disciplines, including:
  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • Community Services
  • Engineering and Public Works
  • Environmental Health
  • Governance, Compliance and Regulation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Administration and Support Services
  • Landcare and Conservation
  • Planning and Development
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Library Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology and Information Services
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Management and Executive Leadership

These are only a small number of the types of the wide range of careers and jobs available in local government.

Building a stronger local government sector

Local governments operate in a very dynamic environment.  Changing communtiy demands, new federal and state laws and regulations, technology advances, demographic changes, new value trends, and other societal forces soon make technical skills obsolete. 

Consequently, local governments need agile learners who are eager to pick up new ways of doing business or delivering services. As a generation of local government leaders, managers and officers are retiring, local government needs to be recruiting, training and developing our next generation of leaders to take their place. 

Local government needs a new generation of younger workers as well as those considering second or third careers. 
We need to be developing our next generation of local government leaders to fill these leadership roles and guide our sector forward.

You should consider local government if:

  • You want meaningful and challenging work
  • You want to make a difference and build and improve communities
  • You want a competitive salary and good benefits
  • You are interested in learning.

Come and join us and make a difference in your Community.



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