Data Drives Decisions Project

The Data Drives Decisions Project is an initiative co-designed with the local government sector for the operational needs of the sector. We are excited to launch this program to assist local governments to make complex and important decisions based on consistent and credible data. The DLGSC is supportive of this program in principle.

The core function of the DDD project is to create a cohesive program framework to facilitate feedback loop between local government’s strategic community plan, insights into the wider sector and individual local government’s operational needs and priorities by using data source to highlight asset, expense and revenue data. The three key sources of information include: 
1. Annual Grants Commission Acquittal
2. LGIS Asset Register
3. MyCouncil website

Project Prospectus

Project Prospectus


Contact Candy Choo (Chief Executive Officer) to find out more

[email protected]

9271 1136

There will be no additional requirement from your local government to input any additional data. The program utilises existing IT infrastructure and off the shelf Microsoft products to ensure it is easily accessible to all local governments participating in the program.

The illustrations below provide examples of how data will be presented in this program. More examples can be seen in the Project Prospectus. 


The more local governments participate, the more credible the data is and the lower the participation cost will be for future years.

Watch the recording below from our program launch webinar, many of your questions will be answered during this informative webinar.
Listen to Ian Cowie FLGP (CEO City of Gosnells) explain why the City of Gosnells is getting behind this great initiative.