Local Government Members

The list below shows the current Local Government Members by category (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and then alphabetically.

Please check if your local government is on this list if you wish to apply for a Local Government Member discounted rate for an event registration. Each Local Government Member is eligible to send two (2) local government officers to each event at the relevant Local Government Member rate advertised (Bronze 10% Discount / Silver 15% Discount / Gold 20% Discount).

All our event registrations are completed online, to enable your registration to be processed with the Local Government Member discount please email [email protected] to request a discount code, (prior to registering online). You will need to enter this code in the relevant field during the checkout process of your online registration and the system will calculate and apply the discount for you.

Bronze Local Government Members
  1. Beverley, Shire of
  2. Koorda, Shire of
  3. Lake Grace, Shire of
  4. Morawa, Shire of
  5. Three Springs, Shire of

Silver Local Government Members
  1. Bruce Rock, Shire of
  2. Capel, Shire of
  3. Kwinana, City of
  4. Mandurah, City of
  5. South Perth, City of
  6. Yilgarn, Shire of
  7. York, Shire of

Gold Local Government Members
  1. Derby-West Kimberley, Shire of
  2. East Fremantle, Town of
  3. Stirling, City of
  4. Victoria Park, Town of