Vale Noel Dawkins

The President, Board and staff of LG Professionals WA extend their deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Noel Dawkins on his sad passing.

Noel was a dedicated local government officer, serving as the Chief Executive Officer at the City of Canning for over 30 years, a committed family man and true believer in ethics and integrity. Noel also managed to retain a great sense of humour throughout all his quests, challenges and accomplishments.

As a Life Member of LG Professionals WA, Noel continued to follow with great interest the comings and goings of the local government sector in particular the City of Canning. Noel also dedicated time to producing a book titled 'Behind the Scenes in Local Government' a fascinating read which documents his illustrious life story and his time working in the sector.

Noel's local government career began in 1946 as the Cashier Rates Clerk at Midland Junction before he was promoted to Chief Clerk in 1951. In November 1951, Noel was appointed as Assistant Secretary at Fremantle Road Board and in 1955 became Secretary of Canning Road Board.

On the 1st July 1961, state legislation came into effect and Road Boards were ren-named as Shires, Noel became Shire Clerk at the Shire of Canning.

In June 1957, Noel became a Foundation Associate Member of the Institute of Municipal Administration (now known as LG Professionals WA). In May 1959 he was appointed to the Divisional Council as Treasurer and Assistant Secretary becoming Secretary in 1961. Noel advanced to Fellow status in 1965 and was elected as Vice President in 1966, becoming President in 1967.

On his Presidency, an excerpt from his book explains:
"During October 1967, I was elected as the Divisional President for the 1967-68 term. Having been involved with this professional body for ten years, I was fully aware of the good work it was doing to promote professionalism in local government administration and management and was pleased to be in a position to advance this objective."

 In 1984, Noel was approached by the Federal Minister for Territories and Local Government to accept appointment on a committee to undertake a general review of the distribution of finance to local government in Australia. This appointment raised Noel's stature and resulted in many officers across the sector holding him in great esteem.

In October 1985, Noel received a phone call with an offer to become Chairman of the WA Local Government Grants Commission. After much deliberation including the impact on his family life, Noel accepted the position and left Canning in March 1986 to pursue this new challenge.

In April 1989, Noel was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for service to local government and the community. An incredible highlight of a long and distinguished career that he was delighted to share with loved ones.

Noel always set time aside to nurture and encourage other local government officers and leaves behind an unrivalled legacy.

Rest in peace Noel.