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Vincent Bentley, Account Executive
T: (08) 6466 6874
M: 0448 862 902
E: [email protected]


Datacom has an unmatched track record of delivery, local collaboration and leveraging the best technology — in a fast moving world. Our value to customers lies in doing things right, openness in how we do it and proof of promise in what transformational intelligence can deliver.
As a leading provider of technological solutions for local authorities across Australasia, we specialise in designing cutting-edge, easy to implement products for councils to enhance connections with communities and achieve sustainability. Ranging from digital service solutions to monitoring and reporting of vital performance, regulatory and financial/revenue streams, our proven solutions improve efficiency, reduce costs and add value to people in your community.

To ensure we are meeting the complex needs of local government, our solutions have been designed in collaboration with local councils. Our team of Local Government experts will guide and support you and your teams through delivery, implementation and training.
With over 50 years’ experience in technology, we pride ourselves on delivering the best outcomes for you and your community. Discover how Datacom can transform your organisation and improve services in your community. Contact us now!


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