Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners are critical to the success of LG Professionals WA. Our Association is an excellent conduit for suppliers to meet up with senior Local Government personnel to promote a greater understanding of the range and attributes of their products. As a consequence, corporate and trade exhibitors make a significant contribution to conferences and other events run by LG Professionals WA.

LG Professionals WA continues to seek ways to improve the collaboration with those who work with the sector for the benefit of all concerned. In 2021–22 LG Professionals WA is very fortunate to have a series of long-term corporate members who give great support to our operations.

They are:

  • Foundation Corporate Partners – LGIS, Aware Super and McLeods Barristers and Solicitors and Moore Australia WA.
  • Principal Corporate Partners – Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and LO-GO Appointments
  • Major Corporate Partners—Royal Automobile Club (RAC), Commonwealth Bank, Datacom, Redfish Technologies, Core Business, Easi and AMPAC

In addition, we are supported by many other corporate members who are associated with our individual events. We thank all our corporate members and look forward to many years of mutual benefit.